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World Refugee Day 2003 focused on Refugee Youth, putting the spotlight on their needs, their potential and their drive to create a better future for themselves and their communities. The UNHCR explains:


“It is the special plight of these innocents that UNHCR wishes to spotlight, by dedicating World Refugee Day 2003 to Refugee Youth, and thereby open the eyes of a worldwide audience to their needs. We also wish to accentuate the positive by celebrating their many strengths, their huge potential, and their capacity to help themselves and their communities. Our aim is to provide refugee youth with a heightened sense of value and self-worth…”

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Guatemalan returnee children

Guatemalan Returnee Children. Children and adolescents constitute some 50% of all refugees assisted by UNHCR. In Guatemala, UNHCR helped returned children and their families rebuild their lives.

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