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Protracted Displacement

Protracted refugee situations constitute nearly 70% of the world’s refugees. Refugees trapped in these situations typically live without legal status and are denied a range of basic rights. Finding solutions to these situations have proven elusive for humanitarian actors, including the United Nations.

This resource summary complements Forced Migration Review Issue 33, September 2009: Protracted Displacement.

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Image from the cover of Forced Migration Review issue 31, Laptop in a desert. Photo credit: Adapted from an illustration by Stanislav Ashmarin, Photo on computer screen: Sudanese refugees, Ethiopia. UNHCR/N Behring

Elia Kidibu, a 1972 Burundian refugee, sorting through photos as he packs his belongings for repatriation to Burundi. November 2008.

Photo credit: UNHCR/B Bannon

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