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News Sources

Current news is important for monitoring an unfolding humanitarian crisis, surveying conflict trends, tracking the treatment of forced migrants, and following legal and policy developments. The online resources highlighted below are updated daily or weekly and provide international or regional coverage. In addition, they either report specifically on disasters and complex emergencies, refugee/IDP situations, migration, and/or conflict/peace/security, or more broadly, on development and social justice issues. Also included are references to discussion fora, more comprehensive news sources, and services that offer free newsfeeds.


See also: Country Information Resources.


  • IDP news alert (IDMC, Brookings-SAIS Project on Internal Displacement)
  • IRR news (Institute of Race Relations)
  • News (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)
  • World refugee (World News Network)





Mailing Lists/Discussion Groups/Other Fora

Discussion/e-mail lists:
Members register and receive relevant news and information postings directly in their e-mail inboxes. A web-based archive of posted messages is often available. JISCMail is a UK-based mailing list service provider. Examples of lists:
Discussion/web boards:
Web-based forum for exchanging ideas and sharing information. A more suitable format for engaging in a real-time discussion. Often web boards include an e-mail component to alert users to pertinent postings. Yahoo hosts a space for establishing discussion groups. Examples of discussion boards:
Described as public diaries or web journals, these web pages can be created by people with no technical knowledge. Many allow visitors to add comments and share information. Set up your own blog at Examples of blogs:
Collaborative web sites that allow registered users to add to or edit existing web pages. See Seed Wiki for more information. Example:

News Search Engines/Portals

To supplement the resources above, see:

Google News -
Use this news search engine and portal to locate additional news items; 4500 news sources are crawled regularly and current headlines are generated automatically. Stories are archived for 30 days. Google News also provides international editions for a number of different countries in a variety of languages. Scroll to the bottom of the news homepage to view the options available. (For more news search engines, see:
Yahoo News Directory –
Browse here for links to national/regional newspapers or follow the link to Yahoo’s news search engine. Country- and language-specific Yahoo editions are available at

Free Newsfeeds

A number of relevant newsfeeds are available for incorporating into web sites and intranets; see, e.g., the following:

For a relevant example, see –
Describes itself as a “daily news service of the developing world.”
Focuses on race relations and refugees in the UK and Europe. –
For a relevant example, see
Pambazuka -
Focuses on social justice issues in Africa.
FMO has incorporated headlines from several RSS newsfeeds onto its homepage. Visit FMO to read news and information from the Forced Migration Discussion List, UNHCR, IDMC, ReliefWeb, and the Forced Migration Current Awareness Blog.
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