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Emergencies and Humanitarian Assistance

When a new humanitarian crisis occurs, aid workers and humanitarian practitioners require rapid access to information resources that can help them prepare for emergency assignments.  This page provides access to web-based resources for current news, background country information, operational materials, codes of conduct, periodicals, and employment/volunteer listings.  It also highlights documents from FMO's digital library that discuss the nature of humanitarianism.  Finally, contact details for key emergency relief agencies are also listed.



Selected full-text documents (for more, search in the Digital Library)


Web Resources

Selected web-based information resources (for more, search the FMO website)

News/Situation Reports

See also: News Sources

Background Country Information

For a comprehensive listing of resources providing country of origin information, please see the Country Information Resources page.

Operational Materials

See also:

The Sphere Project's Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response, revised handbook 2004. FMO have made most of the references and reading materials in the handbook's bibliographies accessible online (in full text). The bibliographies are structured in the same way as they are in the handbook and are divided into the following categories:

Other Handbooks and Guidelines (FMO catalogued resources)

Codes of Conduct

Information Sharing Fora for Aid Workers

Emergency/Volunteer Registers

Employment/Volunteer Resources

Relevant Organizations

Contact details for organizations based in Afghanistan (for more, search in the Organizations Directory)


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Photograph of UNHCR worker using his laptop  through a satellite phone by lamplight

At night, after a long day visiting refugee sites along the remote Chad-Sudan border, UNHCR team leader Yvan Sturm downloads his e-mails on his laptop through his thuraya satellite phone by lamplight.
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