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Durable Solutions

World Refugee Day 2004

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, the UN General Assembly unanimously adopted a resolution that recognized June 20th as World Refugee Day. The first universal commemoration of this day was in 2001.

After paying tribute to refugee youth in 2003, World Refugee Day 2004 focused on “durable solutions”, or voluntary repatriation, local integration and resettlement.  Voluntary repatriation - returning to one’s home country – is considered the most desirable solution.  If returning home is not feasible because of ongoing instability or conflict, then establishing roots in the host or asylum country may be another option.  Finally, resettlement to a third country can be a solution for individuals who are not sufficiently protected in the original host country or who are considered to be particularly vulnerable for various reasons (e.g., disabled/injured, women-at-risk.).  This resource page provides access to a variety of information sources from FMO that expand further on the concept of durable solutions and their efficacy over the years; included below are research guides, full-text documents and journal articles, web-based resources, and contact details for related organizations.

Please visit UNHCR’s World Refugee Day page for more information about events taking place around the world to honor June 20th.

World Refugee Day also coincides with Refugee Week in the United Kingdom.  More information is available on the Refugee Week website.

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Photograph of displaced Iraqi Kurds returning home

Displaced Iraqi Kurds return home in 1991.

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