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The World Health Organisation estimates that persons with disabilities account for 7-10% of the world’s population. This would imply that there are three to four million persons living with disability among the world’s 42 million displaced. It is not (yet) common practice, however, to include people with disabilities among those who are considered as particularly vulnerable in disasters and displacement and who therefore require targeted response.

The resources below explain why disabled people who are displaced need particular consideration and highlight some of the initiatives taken (locally and globally) to change thinking and practices so that their vulnerability is recognised, their voices heard – and responses made inclusive.

This resource summary complements Forced Migration Review Issue 35, July 2010: Disability and Displacement. All articles in this issue are available online in PDF and Word format and as audio files. The Forced Migration Review website also offers links to free software to aid accessibility.

Provided below are links to related key resources, websites and documents exploring contemporary debate on these issues, as well as links to wider issues concerned with human rights and displacement.

FMO Resources

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Selected full-text documents (for more, search in the FMO Digital Library)

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Selected web-based information resources (for more, search the FMO website)



Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities:

Relevant Organizations

Contact details for relevant organizations (for more, search in the Organizations Directory)

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