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From being host to a net influx of refugees from neighbouring states in the 1970s and early 1980s, Sudan has become a generator of forced migration on an unprecedented scale, creating the world’s largest crisis of human displacement. Since 1983 two million Sudanese are reckoned to have died as a result of conflict. About a million have fled to neighbouring countries, and some six million - one sixth of the population - have been displaced within the country. The process has, until relatively recently, been accelerating. It took two decades of war in South Sudan to displace four million people, but less than three years to displace two million in Darfur.

This resource summary highlights a small selection of web-based resources available on FMO that focus on Sudan and Sudanese people, with particular regard to the issue of forced migration. Links are provided to full-text documents, journal articles, web resources, and organizations.

Research Guide


Selected full-text documents (for more, search in the Digital Library)

Web Resources

Selected web-based information resources (for more, search the FMO website)

Relevant Organizations

Contact details for organizations based in Sudan (for more, search in the Organizations Directory)

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Photograph of refugee women fetching water from water taps.

Refugee women fetch water from water taps at Iridimi camp. © UNHCR/J. Clark. Photographer

Google Map of Sudan


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Map of Sudan
Location of Sudan

Map showing the location of Sudan

Sudan (highlighted in red) in Northern Africa, bordering the Red Sea, between Egypt and Eritrea.

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