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This resource summary highlights a selection of web-based resources that focus on Iraq.


The resources listed below provide information on and analysis of the current humanitarian situation of the Iraqi people and plans to deal with the humanitarian consequences of the war. There are also references to international humanitarian law resources and general principles to uphold during humanitarian action.

Links are provided to online information about Iraq, including a sample selection of references selected from FMO, which include full-text documents, journal articles, web resources, and organizations.

Forced Migration Review's, Special Issue: ‘Iraq's displacement crisis: the search for solutions’ (June 2007) assesses the scale of the displacement and highlights the inadequacy of current responses.



Research Guide

Policy Briefing

Related FMO thematic resource summaries

History & Politics


Political violence and human rights

The Gulf Conflicts

Population displacement up to March 2003

Iraq after Saddam


Selected full-text documents (for more, search in the Digital Library)


Web Resources

Selected web-based information resources (for more, search the FMO website)


Relevant Organizations

Contact details for organizations based in Iraq (for more, search in the Organizations Directory)

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Iraq. A young boy views the devastated homes around him in Fallujah.

A young boy views the devastated homes around him in Fallujah.


Map of Iraq
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