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Summary of Workshop Conclusions

  • Gender and generation should be prioritised in research which seeks to understand the experiences of youth;

  • Understanding the dynamics of transgeographic networks is important;

  • Management of expectations is ethically important throughout research;

  • Collaboration with local associations and local dissemination can bridge the gap between academia and practice;

  • Participatory Research Approaches (PRA) can be effective tools for understanding the priorities of young refugees;

  • PRA need to be designed mindful of social context and ethical issues;

  • PRA can encourage agency and a sense of ownership:

  • Policies should encourage self-reliance, self-expression and empowerment;

  • Policies should provide the tools for 'rights holders' to advocate for their own interests;

  • Policies should raise individual, household and group 'rights awareness';

  • Policies affecting refugee youth should reflect a holistic and participatory approach;

  • Policies should recognise the importance of oral history and memory;

  • Policies should prioritise educational and vocational training.

Last updated Sep 23, 2011