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Guide to Forced Migration Periodicals

Elisa Mason

Updated January 2014

This guide lists journals, substantive newsletters and other regularly produced publications that are relevant in the field of forced migration studies. The emphasis has been placed on periodicals that are currently being published and whose online contents are up-to-date.

Titles are organized as follows:

  1. Periodicals that address forced migration generally;
  2. the health issues that arise in forced migration;
  3. the law of forced migration;
  4. Periodicals that discuss the emergency and assistance aspects of forced migration; and
  5. Periodicals that examine the larger issue of international migration.

Other tools to help locate individual articles or to be alerted about new journal developments are highlighted in section six.

This collection of links is housed in the Delicious social bookmarking service ( ), and will automatically be updated when new titles are added or when existing links are edited.

Last updated Jan 07, 2014