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Overall Conclusions

  1. Palestinian children and adolescents are active, politically aware individuals. Programming and policy-making on their behalf should start with their input and involvement. This requires a significant shift in the IGO and NGO world from top down to a bottom up.


  2. There is a need to raise awareness of the multiple discrimination which female Palestinian children and youth face at home and in school. This includes increased work load and reduced educational opportunities. There is a need to encourage self-expression and peer group solidarity with youth clubs for girls.


  3. There is a need for counseling for older female Palestinian children and adolescents and their caregivers to deal with family and community efforts to see them into early or forced marriage.


  4. Political street activism needs to be understood. The current lack of alternative spaces which Palestinian youth may occupy also needs to be carefully considered: play areas, computer centres, libraries, sports fields.


  5. There is a need to reinforcing identity with projects recording memories of 1st generation. This can be through projects which record narratives of family and national history through formal education systems and informal ones.


Last updated Sep 23, 2011