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Internet Search Tools

Subject Guides/Portals (Brian Whitaker, UK)
Includes links to country-specific web sites, news headlines from Moreover, and an A-Z directory. Compiled by the Middle East editor for The Guardian.
Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library (Coombs Computing Unit, Australian National University)
Provides access to a variety of Asian studies resources, and organizes links to web sites by region or country.
Conflict Data Service (INCORE, UK)
This service has compiled a number of different guides and databases to conflict-related resources, including a peace agreements collection, country guides, a researcher database, thematic guides, and an information bank with mini-collections of training, organizations, journals, and bibliographic resources, among other things.
EISIL: Electronic Information System for International Law (ASIL, U.S.)
This portal directs users to primary documents (conventions, treaties, etc.), web sites and research guides on a variety of topics in international law
ELDIS: The Gateway to Development Information (IDS, UK)
In addition to a searchable database of development-related web resources, this site offers a number of pre-prepared thematic guides with links to relevant organizations, documents, lists, directories and bibliographic sources. Also available are country profiles.
Human Security Gateway (Human Security Centre; Canadian Consortium on Human Security, Canada)
A database that provides access to electronic resources relating to human security. Retrieval options are by search term, geographic region, topic, or type of resource. In English and French.
Index on Africa (Norwegian Council for Africa, Norway)
Browse for news and information by subject and country.
International Humanitarian Law Research Initiative (Harvard Program on Humanitarian Policy and Conflict Research, U.S.)
Provides access to news, reports and analysis, legal instruments, resolutions and directives, judicial decisions, organizations, and specialists. Free registration required.
Internet Directory (Human Rights Internet, Canada)
Users can search for relevant human rights sites or browse by name, organization type, web site type, or country.
LANIC: Latin American Network Information Center (Univ. of Texas, U.S.)
Browsable subject directory, individual country directories, and search engine provided. Available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.
World Law Index (AustLII, Australia)
In addition to a subject directory, this index includes a powerful search tool that allows users to focus searches to specific legal topics. See especially the section on “refugees and asylum” under the “subject index” option.

See also:

Librarians‘ Index to the Internet (Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE, U.S.)
Subject directory with over 6,000 sites and resources selected and evaluated by librarians. All topics are covered. Note: Information is also provided on the team of librarians involved and the process for creating and adding records to the system.
Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG, UK)
Resource for accessing key Internet information in the social sciences. Organized by discipline. Includes “Grapevine” feature for people to post announcements, CVs, or research interests.

Search Engines

Examples of subject-specific search engines:

Hurisearch (HURIDOCS, Switz.)
Human rights search engine.
Limited Area Search in the Fields of International Relations and Security (International Relations and Security Network, Swtiz.)
Meta Search Engine for Searching Human Rights Sites (University of Minnesota Human Rights Library, U.S.)
SuperSearch (, U.S.)
Searches selected human rights reports.

See also:

Search Engine Watch (Danny Sullivan, ed., U.S.) –
Includes a listing of search engines (both global, regional and some specialty search engines), tips for searching on the web, ratings of search engines, and other articles.
Last updated Sep 20, 2011