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Climate Change and Displacement

  • Author: Camillo Boano
  • Date: September 2008
  • Last updated: 17 September 2008


This research guide aims to offer an introduction to the complex issues of the migration (displacement)-environment nexus, highlighting the emergence of the term environmental refugee, and the debate that surrounds it. This guide does not intend to provide a comprehensive discussion of what constitutes environmentally forced migration and as such remains open for further revision and additional research. It will explore three main dimensions of the debate focusing on the notion of environmental refugees. The first, will explore the terminology environmental refugee and appropriate classifications under such a definition; the second, will explore the real world applicability of such a definition -whether such people even exist? If so, how many? Can environmental factors be scientifically identified as a root cause of displacement? Finally, this guide will explore the issue of protection for environmental-induced displaced people.


Climate change, climate variability, environmental change, environmental refugees, disasters, disaster-induced displacement, adaptation, resilience, vulnerability.

Last updated Sep 08, 2011