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Playing Between Elephants

Playing Between Elephants. A documentary film about the People’s Housing Process in Geunteng Timur, Indonesia (2007. Running time: 87 minutes)


A Film about the People’s Housing Process in Geunteng Timur

There is an Indonesian saying that when the elephants are locked in a fight, the mousedeer would die in the middle. But in this documentary, the mousedeer does not die - instead, it manages to play between them and get what it wants. This film documents a post-tsunami and post-conflict Aceh, where an international body that is assigned to build houses, while an Acehnese village chief leads his people through the ups and downs of the ongoing reconstruction and rehabilitation process. The film very intimately shows how complicated it is to survive a traumatic event and then experience global intervention. Rebuilding a house in post-tsunami Aceh brings into play the whole world and forces the Acehnese people learn to deal with the friction between the global and local realms.

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Director: Aryo Danusiri

Executive Producer: Binod Shrestha

Producer: Aryo Danusiri & Bruno Dercon / UN-HABITAT

Cast and Credits: Pak Geuchik Abdurrahman

Original title: Bermain di antara gajah-gajah

Filmed: 2007

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