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What is the Digital Library?

The digital library provides access to full-text documents and relating to refugees and forced migration.

What is the “Digital Library”?

The digital library is a specialized collection of over 5,700 full-text documents, which can be accessed online. Documents are available in PDF and Plain Text formats. Users can retrieve any or all of these documents, and either read them online or print them off for future consultation. Just type what you are searching for into the search box to get started. If you are having trouble locating a particular document, you may wish to try an 'advanced search' .

FMO’s digital library currently includes a significant collection of grey (unpublished) literature and research materials selected from the libraries of the Refugee Studies Centre, Tufts University's Feinstein International Famine Center, Columbia University's Program on Forced Migration (based in the Center for Population and Family Health), the Czech Helsinki Committee in Prague, and the American University in Cairo's Forced Migration and Refugee Studies Program.

Journal Issues

Please note that in order to comply with the copyright requirements of the publishers, journal issues available in the Digital Library are typically several years behind the most recently published issue. In the case of Forced Migration Review, the latest issue is made available as soon as it is published.

Will I ever need to visit a library again?

FMO does not replace or supplant traditional libraries, but rather complements them. The fact is that there are prescribed ways for undertaking research in a library setting which have no parallel in the online environment because of the web's unprecedented growth and "anything goes" philosophy. There is a lot of valuable information on the web - and FMO will serve as one tool for helping you mine it - but it does not yet rival the wealth of information in printed format.

How can I contribute my publications to the Digital Library?

We are not currently accepting submissions to the Digital Library.

What is the collection management policy for the FMO Digital Library?

Please see our collection management policy for more details.

What cataloguing guidelines does the Digital Library follow?

Please see our cataloguing guidelines for more details.

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Last updated Feb 20, 2014