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Survey Results 2010

Between 14 June and 31 August 2010 Forced Migration Online ran a survey to help to determine who uses FMO and for what purposes. We are very grateful to the 200 individuals who participated in the survey. The results of the survey are summarised below.

For further details, or to request a full copy of our survey report, please contact: Any further comments and suggestions are always welcome.

In which country are you principally based?

country chart


Breakdown for Europe:

europe country breakdown

What is your age?

age chart

Are you, or have you ever been, a forced migrant?

10 people responded 'yes' to this question (5% of respondents).

Of these, 8 said that they had found the site to be useful and 2 did not give any further response.

What sector do you work in?

sector chart

What is your profession?

profession chart

What is your highest educational qualification?

educational qualifications chart

Where do you normally access FMO from?

access chart

How do you normally access FMO?

technology chart

How long have you been using FMO?

length of use chart

How did you find out about FMO?

discovering fmo chart

How would you rate FMO's usability?


Do you currently use any of the following services?

other services chart

Would you be interested in accessing FMO content via any of the following services?

using other services

How often do you use FMO?

frequency of use chart

Which of the following FMO resources do you use regularly?

resources chart

What do you mainly use FMO for?

reason for use chart

Would you say that using FMO has helped improve your work in any way?

has fmo improved your work chart

If you use the Forced Migration Discussion List, which of the following do you like hearing about?

fmlist resources

Quotes from users

Could you provide any examples of FMO resources you have found useful.

"I have used the Working Paper series regularly, especially Gibney and Hanson on deportation and McAdam on complementary protection. I'd like to listen to more podcasts, but don't seem to make time for it!"

"I have just concluded a research paper on the Settlement issues and challenges facing refugee children, youth and families of Southern Sudan in the Cities of Yarra and Brimbank. I relied on resource relating to the Southern Sudan in general. It was an exceptionally high grade quality source."

"I found the podcast on the forced displacement of Uigher women in China particularly useful."

"I really enjoy the policy briefings and working papers."

"I found the Sudan research guide to be particularly helpful. Also the digital library for grey literature, and the whole website as a teaching resource for my students."

Is there anything that you would like to see on the FMO site which is not currently available?

"More job vacancies and funding opportunities."

"No - I think it contains most of what I see as important."

"Maybe a list of experts in different fields, countries etc."

"It would be great if FMO could be linked to Facebook and, which are sites that I regularly check to get updates."

"Actually, would like to see less - i.e., a lot of type content on home page makes it difficult to scan. I’d like to see more white space and links to 'areas' and not have everything up front."

"More current journal publications on forced migration issues accessible to users in developing countries."

Do you have any comments, or feedback, on the Discussion List?

"Great output from a highly interactive team."

"It would be good if list could be tailored to individual needs via personal preferences."

"I think it is well regulated and not over used for unnecessary communication. I like getting a digest rather than each email individually."

"Most courses that are advertised are in the UK. For me it would be helpful to know about courses outside the UK."

"It is a great way of communicating! I don't have any critique or suggestion how to make it better as I think the structure and content are perfect."

"The FM List is a fantastic resource that allows me to feel connected to other researchers in the field."

Any other comments or feedback?

"I encourage my students to use FMO as their main portal for forced migration resources."

"I'll use this box for a negative. I have a particular interest in Afghanistan issues, and returned to FMO after a long break. I was really disappointed to find that the Afghanistan pages are often rather dated."

"It's an amazing initiative, one of a kind. Maybe there’s scope to make it more user-friendly and to spread the word to more people."

"It's one of the most rich and high grade resources for all who have a fascination with forced migration."

"An important website, but it should be designed more uniformly."

"Filling out this survey has made me realize there are more resources on the site I didn't know about. I'm going to take a better look and start using them as well!"

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