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Linking Policy

1. Purpose

This document outlines the conditions under which Forced Migration Online (FMO) (1) actively seeks to link to other sites and (2) agrees to link to other sites upon their request.

The purpose of FMO is to facilitate access to Internet-based information resources in the field of forced migration.  It is a freely-available service and does not generate revenue from any of its components or services.

2. Deep-linking


Two components of Forced Migration Online - the Web Catalogue and the Research Guides - include deep links as a value-added measure of enhanced information retrieval.  In general, the Catalogue does not consider a resource to equate to an entire web site; its objective is to identify specific information resources wherever they are located within web sites.  For example, the Catalogue would not include a general record for the Refugee Studies Centre web site; instead, it would include records for the Research Reports page, the Master of Science page, etc. In addition to the URL for the specific resource described, every record in the Web Catalogue is required to note the URL for the publisher's homepage.  Moreover, Web Catalogue records include a "Rights" field for displaying URLs that link to copyright statements or other permissions for using a site's information.

Similarly, the Research Guides may deep link to a specific page within a web site in order to direct readers to very focused sources that relate to the particular country or theme that is being discussed.

FMO aims to respect express prohibitions against deep linking within certain sites, and to comply with requests to seek permission prior to deep linking.  Please forward any concerns regarding FMO's deep links to

3. Requests for links to be included in FMO

Suggestions for resources that FMO's Web Catalogue should link to are welcome from members of the public.  A web form to do so is available here.  Those submitting suggestions are encouraged to review FMO's scope and selection policies to ensure that a prospective resource meets the parameters of the collection.  At the same time, while any suggested resource will be considered, there is no guarantee that it will actually be selected for inclusion in FMO.

4. Requests for mutual links

Requests for mutual links (i.e., "we've linked to you, please link to us") are treated in the same way as suggestions for links from the general public.

Last updated Sep 21, 2011